What can we say about online casino games in India?

Top 3 Casinos

We can see great potential in local casino activities. Indian culture since antiquity has had a lot of gambling traditions. Modern free online casino games are also popular here. Indians traditionally have a passion for gold and fame – and some gambling houses can give it to you.

The issue here is about a lack of information. A local market only starts to develop its online industry of gambling. As it has always been with new possibilities, the market instantly was flooded with cheap games and odd bonuses. But the legendary franchises also arose. We need to learn the ways of the best gambling in India, for greater profit and safer bets.

The next issue is about currency. Most of the newcomers prefer rupees. They are not high rollers, and the casino for them is an opportunity to have a great time and soothe the mind. It is not a real profession yet. Unfortunately, some of the Indian gambling sites do not operate the national currency. And additional fees for transactions are always painful.

What kind of casino free games in our region are the most convenient, versatile, and secure?

Best Gambling Sites to Play Online Casino Games

Casino Bonus Play Review Deposit Methods
1 $1600+20FS Jackpot City Casino review
PaySafe Card
2 ₹35,000 Gaming Club Casino review
PaySafe Card
3 $100 + 10 FS Skycity Casino review
PaySafe Card
American Express
4 $1200 Royal Vegas Casino review
PaySafe Card
5 $200 Bet365 Casino review
PaySafe Card
6 300% up to $200 Betfair Casino review
PaySafe Card
7 Up to $1,000 BetOnline Casino review
8 ₹35,000 Betway Casino review
9 $500 + 50FS Casino Las Vegas review
PaySafe Card
All casino More casino

How to play online casino games in India

The two main questions about any leisure activity would always be – what kind of and where? The first answer will define the routes to the desired jackpots, and the second one is about gambling charts. Let’s start with the more obvious art of the deal.

The Indian favorite online gambling games

The market here is a fusion of traditions and Western influence. The unique feature of an Indian market is the equality of both of these parts. The second characteristic is a local design. Since the establishment of the beloved Holi festival, Indians love bright colors. You cannot sell entertainment here without gold, purple, turquoise colors. And the slot design is adapted to local wishes.

Here is the list of the most popular gambling activities in our gambling houses:

  • A various reel machines. Or simply – slots. The most numerous category. They are games of instant win and quick luck;
  • two kinds of classic roulette: American (with two zeroes) and old French (with just one);
  • some types of blackjack – with classic Vegas rules and some local varieties;
  • Baccarat;
  • almost unknown in the rest of the world but highly acclaimed here – the ancient Hindu gambling games of Andar Bahar and Jhandi Munda;
  • A relaxing English tradition – all kinds of Bingo. Not a gambling activity. It is about the social connection, not a classic bet game. It is popular nowadays;
  • The modern daily lottery – Keno. It pretends to be Chinese and ancient, but the game is modern. This franchise works all over the world. The winnings here are small but stable.
  • Wheel of Fortune, and others.

Later we will talk about these games in fine details.

Where should I play casino games?

The feature of the local market is a lack of versatility. You cannot find a perfectly balanced casino in India. Home-grown high rollers will always place their bets on activities. The general chart would be like that:

  1. Betway is the best local live casinos;
  2. Leovegas is the most convenient place for various one-handed bandits;
  3. The pure provide you the best blackjack;
  4. The Royal Panda provides the best roulette wagers;
  5. And the Unibet Casino gives you the best bingos.

Which way should be selected? You decide!

The Best Casino Games to Play

As you can see, there is a large variety of leisure activities in Indian gambling sites. Let’s have a brief general review of all kinds of these gambling games. After our article, the player may have the wiser choice of his next bet, who knows?

Slot machines

The most democratic and popular activity of all time. But what about poker? Well, all the card games with an option of choice have a strategic element. You should build tactics, count cards, think about the amount and the local funds… Unlike it, slots are real casino games that disregard all the gambling factors except pure luck.

The epitome of slot machines is simple. You have gambling reels, collected in rows and columns. Roll it! You should get a winning combination. That is it. Typically, a one-handed bandit consists of four or five reels in three or more rows. Also, there are many additional symbols here: scatters, wild cards, special symbols, etc.

The profit here varies. For example, Royal Panda Casino gives you a start bonus of up to 100 thousand rupees, 35x turnover, ten free spins but no bonus codes at all. Leovegas, on the opposite side, gives you plenty of bonuses.

Slot Machines

Online Roulette

An icon of gambling in the shell, no more, no less. You cannot talk about the best casino games without mentioning red and black numbers. Roulette has always been the heart of the casino. Again, this is the game of pure fortune. The strategies are beyond there.

The profit from a random roulette bet can be enormous. But do not be overhyped and see the pure mathematics chances. There are no parlor tricks, no cheats – the software engine of possibilities has no memory or mercy. It just works. Every big jackpot is paid by thousands of losers. And that is the raw spirit of competition.

Do you feel lucky? Then place the bet of your life on your favorite number! Maybe, your wager will play today. But remember – casinos always have a strong hand. The house should win regardless of the general statistics. Not fair? But why? Everybody has read the rules before placing the wager. The chances are equal to every gambler online. And every casino is a profitable venture, not a charity foundation.

The thing about wagers is to choose the best brand for betting. The chances are equal, but the average stakes are pretty different. The best casino for high rollers that prefer French, American, and Mini roulette in India, is LeoVegas casino. Try it and prove it is trustworthy!

Online Roulette


Twenty-one, or simply blackjack, is another pillar of classic casino gambling. The green fabric on the table has witnessed many great wins and losses. Nowadays, you can play all the classic casino games against the live dealer or a machine. Some casinos are announced about live personnel. But honestly, it does not matter. The cards are always tossed up via computer program. The player cannot just manipulate against the dealer, like in an offline casino. The personnel usually have strict conduct rules. When these people are not from India: the casinos online always have an outsourced label.

So, your main goal in blackjack is to collect twenty-one points before the dealer. There are a lot of variations of blackjack, but the main principle remains. The rounds of blackjack are very short and dynamic. Unlike the other free online games to win real money above, blackjack has rich elements of strategy. The popularity of this game is enormous in India too. One of the best places for bets on twenty-one is the 22 Bet Casino.


Andar Bahar

Welcome to the jungle. You are definitely out of Kansas. The roots of the Andar Bahar game are old and rich. This gambling activity was invented in Bangalore centuries ago. Now, all the Indian states are playing it. So, why is this game so actual?

The first reason is traditions. Local rules in Hindustan are above all. And the entertainment industry obeys the same laws. This makes Indians casinos unique. These games aren’t big international hits, but they have an enormous home-grown fanbase. The electronic version of Andar Bahar was adopted recently later. It has had a great army of fans already.

Andar Bahar is a very social game. It can be played by a crowd. The limit for the electronic rooms is five players. You make your wagers against the dealer, as usual. Andar Bahar means “inside out” in the local language. Before the wager, you should bet on the right or the right side of the gambling field. Then the cards are tossed up. The players must riddle the place of winning cards – just like the roulette rules. The difference is the strategy and the chances to take on the jackpot.

Andar Bahar is still unknown to the foreigners. That is why the Indian Internets are full of good, accurate manuals about the core gambling process and winning strategies. The casinos usually give you live dealers, but the personnel are very busy, so it will be better to read the manual before making wagers. Many gambling places such as Jeetwin give generously no deposit bonuses for the promotion of Andar Bahar. They are up to thousands of rupees.

andar bahar


Bingo in Western society plays a socialization role. Just to understand its importance: there are special offline Bingo halls. Usually, you won’t find Bingo at offline gambling houses. But the Internet casino free games are more effective, so you can explore this type of leisure activity there.

Why is bingo so trendy in India? The main reason – it is extremely cheap. Even in America, bingo-type games are people’s choice due to their price. Also, the game itself is very jolly, if you are playing it in the crowd.

First, the gambler should buy cards. In India, one bingo card costs only about a hundred rupees. The more cards you buy – the highest the chance to win will be. The computer starts its magic. Your card must be filled with the matched numbers. Yup, that is the grandpa of all modern lotteries. The automatic draw significantly fasts the dynamic of waiting. Truly healing for gambler’s nerves.


How can I play online casino games with the greatest profit?

It is a big problem even for weathered high rollers. The Indian gambling market is young and unstable. Here we have some branches of the great world franchises, like 1xBet, but the stakes in India are not the same as in Russia, America, or Europe. The real hits of the slot machines industry are the same, and it is a good omen. And you can find pro tips from other regions freely.

When it comes to strategy, the main question is to disperse your mind and nerve efforts with the greatest effect. One-handed bandits do not require high gambling skills at all – you just pull a virtual lever of an automaton.

The next tier is about the games with part of a strategy, part of distilling luck, like roulette. You cannot change the way a roulette ball works, but you manage your gambling amount. Never spend all the money on the very first bets. Patience and cunning strategy are always rewarded.

The games with full strategy include blackjack and baccarat. Indeed, the cards are tossed up to the player’s hand unwillingly. But the gambler has control over the existing combination. Poker, baccarat, and twenty-one have great requirements to the gambler’s memory and abilities to combine the winning constellations.

The biggest mistake is even to think about the hacking of the algorithm. India has dozens of millions of active gamblers! The casino does not need to cheat at all. Do you ever see the roulette chances? Yes, they are 39 to one. According to the possible theory, this rate will remain forever until the core rules won’t be changed.

The valuable advice ever about the casinos would be about an attitude. Gambling is not an income! There are sport card games, like contract bridge or the sport poker version. But the wager balance there is dramatically different. Every customer should play with no regrets and no overhyped expectations.

But what about the biggest jackpots in India? Yes, they are truly here. Everyone can be a slumdog billionaire or the slot machine maharaja. The trick is to be in the right place at a happy time. Just try again and again. The better philosophy about gambling is: I am buying my jolly time, nothing more. The casino community has a healthy spirit of competition, so let’s save it!

How to choose the best online casino?

The criteria would be pretty simple:

  1. The casino brand must have a solid reputation;
  2. The methods f payments must be various. All the gambling houses have a very wide range of clientele, so the ways of payments and deposits should be many;
  3. The rules of the games must be strict and clear;
  4. Don’t trust the overhyped bonuses. An average reward on the gambling market is pretty much the same;
  5. The dealers must not interfere in the gambling process. They should be polite and correct;
  6. The processing of the money transactions should be really fast.

Real money vs Free Games

Every option has its obvious features.

Free gamesYou can try everything without a financial risk;
You can develop your own strategy before betting;
The demo versions are bright and joyful.
Real money gamesThey actually have bonuses. An average casino hasn’t any profit in free games, they are made for advertising only;
Real money games give you high stakes and the thrilling feel of danger;
The real casino dealers give you an element of strategy and mind games.

Which device to use for playing online casino games?

Every device would be suitable, you need only a proper browser. Some casinos have their own mobile APKs. In this case, your smartphone, laptop with an Android-based OS,  or phablet should be updated.

Best Online Casinos for Win

1 Bonus: ₹80,000
Games: 1180+
PaySafe Card
2 Bonus: ₹25,000
Games: 650+
3 Bonus: $300
Games: 310+


Can I play free in India?

Sure! Indian casinos are open for all.

What are the main currencies?

Rupees and USD, mostly. Sometimes you can bet yuan and euro wages. The newest casinos accept BTC.

Can I have bonuses?

Yes, but not for every slot or roulette. Check the news about grand bonuses in your favorite casino.

When I can obtain my jackpot?

Few days, usually. All fees and taxes should have proceeded, also, the bank has its own financial mechanics.

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