Best Online Casino Slots 2021

Top 3 Casinos

A casino is a place of attraction. Card games are vivid for gambling, but reel machines are the simplest, and in someone’s eyes, are brighter than the classical green table. But the real reason is a little bit more complicated. The best online slots have quick and balanced gameplay, which rarely demands mad strategic skills. The slots were always the domain of Lady Luck.

Also, slot machines are made for easy activity. You don’t have to try hard for fun. Also, all the reels have the simple rules ever: just pull the lever. There are some myths about chances to fool the casino, but the naked truth is that the jackpot in the den of one-handed bandits is random.

The adrenaline rush after the intensive slot game is incredibly high. That’s why all the gamblers must play with the care of their hearts and nerves. You cannot win all prizes of the world, but you can spectacle the bright slots with true joy. Let\s take a look at the industry of online slot machines.

Casino Bonus Play Review Deposit Methods
1 $1600+20FS Jackpot City Casino review
PaySafe Card
2 ₹35,000 Gaming Club Casino review
PaySafe Card
3 $1200 888 Vegas Casino review
4 $100 + 10 FS Skycity Casino review
PaySafe Card
American Express
5 $1200 Royal Vegas Casino review
PaySafe Card
6 $200 Bet365 Casino review
PaySafe Card
7 300% up to $200 Betfair Casino review
PaySafe Card
8 Up to $1,000 BetOnline Casino review
9 ₹35,000 Betway Casino review
10 $500 + 50FS Casino Las Vegas review
PaySafe Card
All casino More casino

Popular slots in India

Popularity is an essential thing but India is an enormous country with passionate people. Almost all widely renowned one-handed bandits here are decent and trusty. But what is the main goal for the gambler? A prize. So, let’s see the chart of casinos with the best payouts, from 99 to 97,7.

Mega JokerA slot with bright overlook and generous bonuses. Key feature – Mega Joker has an upper gambling field.
Jackpot 60003 reels, 3 rows, five possible betting lines. Classic and straight. One of the most rookie-friendly slots.
Dr. Jekyll Goes WildA famous evil alter-ego returns! This is a great and funny virtual theme park with some benefits.
JokerizerThis is one of the most successful “fruit themed” slots. The rules and the benefit are standard.
Jackpot 3×3A typical winning slot with moderate rewards. As you can see, the very name proclaims its formulae.
Blood Suckers 1Posh, gothic and a little bit vile. Bram Stoker would been proud for it. No innocent maids were harmed!
RagnarokAnother theme slot about the Norse greatness. It’s preptty rare in the core design of a random Indian casino.
Rainbow RichesBig and bright series about a leprechaun adventures. Try to steal the most desirable pot with gold!
White RabbitNot only an Alice’s thng. The rabbit today is a symbol of circus tricks. Of course, the rules here are the same, it’s an hohest game.

 As for the rest franchises – this is only your aesthetic sense. The number of lots in India is thousands, everybody can find something special. Among online slots real money the tops often are Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Book of Dead. Indian culture is obviously eastern, so the design would be turquoise, ember, purple and gold.

How to Play Online Slots

With great caution. Yes, seriously. The easiest way to lose all your money is to play without a financial plan. Slot machines are great entertainment… when you know how to use them properly. The biggest issues here are:

  • The general reckless about slot games. Do your maths. There is no chance to have more frequent jackpots with more tries. The number of winning combinations is always the same for one gambling firmware. It is a possible theory. 
  •  If you can’t stop losing – just abandon an idea to have revenge for a while.
  • Check the license of the casino before bets! You don’t place your money into Ponzi schemes, right? Casinos are also high-risk ventures. And the very maintenance of the slot gambling virtual halls is cheap. So, the market is full of unreliable wheeler-dealers. Especially in growing markets like India, Here we have just the beginning of the industry- and that’s why you need only the best brands with a stable community.
  • Check the software! Yes, there are some shadow schemes with pirated games. Okay, let’s abandon the ethics of copying and theft for a while… but this is insecure! Even a brief visit to these sites guarantees you major malware problems.

But the gambling industry is becoming healthier. If you find a decent casino – just jump to its services. Usually, it takes only several minutes to complete registration and tie your bank card to your login. An average casino with online reel machines requires only your email and a variant form of electronic wallet for payments and withdrawals.

The basic idea, though, is still the same. You need to collect a specific combination of symbols. There is also some gameplay augmentation – scatters, wild cards, etc. There is no need to investigate special rules before entering the selected portal. Every trustworthy casino has detailed rules and a big glossary, written in an easy language.

Trends and bonuses of an average slot machine

There is no need to do research – Google already has it done. Free reel machines are 100 times popular than real money games. This means a simple idea – everyone loves free entertainment. But why they are so overhyped Advertisement, ladies, and gentlemen. Bright banners with precious purposes are everywhere. And the “core” gamers always will be a minority. Most people play casually – it is an axiom of the gaming industry. And the number of reel machines is so large, that you need a demo version to understand – which brand is good for the next investment.

The casino bonuses are always welcomed. Gambling itself guarantees no profit – it only gives you the possibility to have a golden ticket. So you need some boost not from the beginning but for all your gambling career. Typical bonuses are:

Welcome offerEvery rookie starts with modest bets. The new customers usually have a 100% match. Sometimes the welcome bonus has a fixed price and limited time for activation.
Bonus without a depositIt is a little tip just after the registration. Usually, it is a couple of bucks, no more. But who knows? Maybe Lady Luck is waiting for you with this $5! The instant jackpot is a rare thing, but we know some names of happy gamblers. The no-deposit bonus also helps you to learn your favorite game without significant investments.
Free SpinsIt is the most wanted benefit, especially for slot machine gamers. It means some free tries, but you can roll every reel. Usually, casinos announce what slot machines will obtain free spins soon. This policy is made for promotion only. Every new reel machine or the automaton with lesser popularity can have bonuses soon. The player needs to check a site permanently to have all the bonuses when you want it.
Mobile bonusesYup, sometimes they are different. Some reel machines are working only via a smartphone app. The mobile slots are pretty much the same but adapted for swipes and taps. Also, your phone number often is required for additional verification. This is not the most popular type of bonus in India due to the lack of stable mobile Internet in many Indian states, especially in rural districts. In these places, the significant contributors to the gambling community are computer clubs.

Real Money Online Casino Slots or Free Games

To be honest, there is no such thing as free online entertainment. When you are playing “free” franchises – you are making the traffic and watching their advertisement. Yes, it is an elusive price, but the number of customers is millions. And India has a real boom of electronic casinos now. Great market with humble gamers – what will win. Traditional real bets, or some other way of monetization? Let’s see basic pro and contra.

The Real Money slots features and flaws are:

  • The great prizes as they are, huge jackpots, and plenty of cash. For the reel machines, the player can become an almost instant millionaire.
  • The bonuses here are really good. When the gambler is playing for real money – the reel machines are always generous.
  • The biggest flaw here is huge losses. When the stakes are high, someone can go to bankruptcy, Play with a cold head and a keen eye. Don’t let the game rule over you;
  • The progressive jackpots can’t be played for free; they are just too large for it.
  • The minor issue is that payouts aren’t always processing instantly. Sorry, but there is no such thing as the ideal bank financial processing.

Free Games slots merits and disadvantages:

  • All the demo versions and full free games are practically instant. No additional software, no long tweaks for it. All the player needs is a browser with a decent Internet speed, not even a broadband one;
  • You can try the franchise first. In the world of online casino reel machines are vivid. Reviews are usually useful, but the gamblers always want to embrace real slot experience;
  • The payment is obvious – you can’t obtain big jackpots for free. This is a casino, not a charity organization. You need to buy a ticket before wining something valuable. It is an honest deal: the casino maintains its servers and personnel, and the players have a lot of joy here;
  • The big merit is the possibility to be anonymous. Not every gambler wants to reveal his own secret identity. Some people prevail in privacy. And free online slot games can give it to you.

The Varieties of Slot Machines

All the classifications are not solidly established but we can talk about 5 main categories:

Video slotsVideo slots have the same mechanics but also a developed story. Tomb treasures, gladiator’s career, adventures of wannabe Indiana Jones, etc. Rich soundtrack and pompous background included.
Progressive machinesProgressive machines have various designs. The key feature here is the jackpot, which is calculated by the laws of mathematical progression. High rollers adore these stakes and random chances.
Classic one-handed banditsClassic one-handed bandits are the face of reel machines. No difficult plots or complicate formulae – just traditional gameplay.
Mobile slotsThey can have rules from previous three categories. The main feature is a new, adaptive degign for portable gadgets.
Mega spinsThis is a slot mashup with a great possibility – you can play several games at the same time. And, of course, casino will pay for every win.

Quick Strategy Tips

There are no universal strategies in Indian slot games. But we can give you some advices:

  • Never make high stakes on the unknown machines;
  • The chance to win doesn’t connect with the dedicated slot. If only casino doesn’t pronounce high rates;
  • Establish your own limit and never overdraft it;
  • Short sessions are better than long ones. Yes, even if you are lucky today.

Best Online Casinos for Win

1 Bonus: ₹80,000
Games: 1180+
PaySafe Card
2 Bonus: ₹25,000
Games: 650+
3 Bonus: $300
Games: 310+

Some hot questions about

Can I play safe for real money online?

Of course, you just need to choose the casino with a reputation. The better way to find it is to read the gambling charts of your country. Beware – not every casino with great bonuses is safe, better try to find out something about its licenses and policy.

Can everyone have slots for free?

Yes, all the popular gambling franchises today have demo versions. For slots, it is a very significant feature. The number of slot machines is thousands. An average gambler can’t bet on every slot. And the experienced high roller will never disperse the efforts on the slot without a reputation.

What about vendors?

Unlike the other software industries, new brands are not necessarily proved. For rookies, it would be better to start with NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic, EvoGaming, IGT, etc. These developers are trustworthy. Also, there is a rich literature about winning strategies.

Should I play only one type of slot?

Yes, you can, but why? The trustworthy casino gives you almost unlimited possibilities. It would be boring not to have everything.

What strategies are existing for online slots?

All the strategies usually are psychological tricks. Good casino vendors have always equalized chances. You can just enjoy the game, without trying hard.

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