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    There are hundreds if not thousands of online casinos operating in India. Our team tries to prepare an unbiased review of each such resource. Therefore, our articles are more and more every day. Such materials are prepared by experienced gamblers who understand the specifics of the Indian market.

    If you are an online business owner and your website is not mentioned in our reviews yet, you can write to us, and we will definitely take your request into account. To contact our team, you can use email or chat. GoCasino’s employees are always willing to answer any questions from gamblers and online casino owners. This is because our mission is to improve Indian gambling. We do this every day and are ready to accept your help and take into account the comments.

    Why Do People Write to Us?

    Hundreds of people visit our website every day. This is because we only publish the most important and relevant information. Our web resource is visited not only by gamblers, experts, newbies but also by the owners of online casinos. Such people would like to advertise their gambling establishments. We try to understand everyone and take into account the wishes and recommendations.

    Why Might Your Request be Rejected?

    We receive many requests, but not all materials can be published. GoCasino’s employees adhere to certain standards. Publishing blogs, posts, links in the content, or any other form of advertising is discussed individually with each of our partners. Please pay attention that we do not post advertisements aimed at manipulating search engine rankings or promoting websites with online games. If you contact us for help, GoCasino’s team is ready to write an objective review of your website. Experts who prepare articles about Indian casinos and any third-party web resources always take into account the following:

    • Is the gambling establishment provide access to the resource through a mobile application?
    • What types of bonuses are offered to beginners and experienced gamblers?
    • Is the casino support instant payouts?
    • Is there a gambling license and in which jurisdiction the document was issued?

    How are We Ready to Help Casino Owners and Gamblers?

    Our experts have been playing slot machines for over 20 years. This is what they do in their free time. That is why our reviews are always the most detailed and objective. We are not interested in cooperation with the owners of casinos by promoting them in the ranking. The only thing that such people may request is the publication of information about bonuses in their gambling establishments. This is what gamblers often lack and we want them to find out the latest news through our website. Our team developed this website because we understand that many Indian people are looking for professional advice. They will definitely find it on our website.