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The field of online games in India never stands still and pleases its fans with new games, entertainment and leisure activities. One of these ways that will help brighten up your time online is video poker.  If you are interested in how to play and win, what types are existing, where is the best place to start playing – read this article and find out all answers to your questions. Let’s go!

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Rules of free online video poker 

In order to start your journey into the world of free video poker, first it is necessary to understand the rules and how to play it right in general. To do this, we have collected in this section all the rules and points that are good to learn before starting. 

It’s worth starting with the fact that 52 cards are used, and all distributions are based on the player receiving 5 cards. And now a brief instruction before describing the rules in detail.


Choose platform and type of free online video poker.

There are a large number and varieties of it, choose that one you like: from classic versions without unnecessary details to modern interpretations with a heaped bonus system and complications.

Place a bet.

Select the number of credits you want to use on each spin. This can be from 1 to 5 credits. Increase or decrease this number using a special arrow button.

Get a combination.

Press one button, and you get distribution.

Pick best cards.

Learn. Leave some of positions and discard extra ones; for this, there will be a special button on site. Analyze your hand based on possible winning combinations.

Win or fail.

This will depend on how strong your hand is and what kind of hand your opponent has. Here only luck and a little knowledge of algorithms will help a lot.

This is the basis of the game and what to do every time you start a free video poker game. Check a useful terminology and be ready for any confusing words on site.


Action: the total amount you wager on the game during one session is called an action.

  1. Credits: this is the amount of money that is in your account balance.
  2. Discard: after getting first hand, you can keep or discard any or all of these cards, whichever comes your way.
  3. Draw: this is the command used to draw cards. This happens once at the beginning and again after you have the cards for keeping.
  4. Hold: after the first deal, you will be offered the option to keep one or more positions in that hand.
  5. Face Card: this one is with a picture on it. King, queen and jack are face ones.
  6. Ace-High: when a player has no other hand besides one ace.
  7. House Edge: different games have different advantages. This is how to evaluate your chances of winning compared to some others.
  8. Inside Straight: when all you are missing to complete a winning hand is a position in the middle.
  9. Max Bet: this is the maximum amount for betting.
  10. Multi-hand: ability to deal multiple hands.
  11. Pay Table: a guide that states how much you can win for each hand.
  12. Pay Back: this is the value that can be earned by playing it.

Time to move on to the most important part of explaining how to play free video poker. What winning combinations are in order to reproduce them? Below we present a table with the names of the combinations and what exactly is included in them.


When all the positions are of the same suit, numbered from 1 to 10, congratulations, you have a Royal Flush – the best hand in the game. If you have cards in a row and they are too suited, but with a different numbering, this is called a Straight Flush. Four ones of any type will give Four of a Kind. Three alike and two others combine to create a Full House. Five positions of the same suit, absolutely any – Flush, but if they are located in a row – then it’s Straight. Three cards of the same type – Three of a kind, two cards played twice – Two pairs. If you have one – respectively One pair. Well, just one high rank position will give a High Card.

How to choose where to play free video poker in India?

To decide where you would like to play, first we advise to decide whether it is a not paid version, or for real money. If you are a beginner and not confident, we recommend starting with such platforms. Professional gamblers are ready to invest financial resources, then there are many sites with real deposits and real winnings.

    Look on a list of places to play with confidence:

  • Online casino. 

This option implies that you must create a personal account, that is, go through the registration procedure. Most online casinos use flash software, so make sure it is compatible with the computer’s capabilities. 

+ a large selection of games in general. 

–  you need to register on many sites. It happens that by leaving your email on such sites, run the risk of receiving spam. So the best option would be to create a separate mail for such cases, so as not to clog the main one. 

  •  Social networks with gaming applications. 

Social networks love to grab the attention of users with such experiments. They develop special online applications which easily find it as well. 

+ you can download them from the Apple Store or Google Market, install them on your phone and enjoy the free poker slots. Find a special leaderboard that will help recreate the competitive effect and will act as a motivating factor. 

– often not everything is available at once, “open” them over time.

  • Websites. 

It is considered like an easy way to play on sites. Enter the phrase “Play video poker online” into the search box and you will get a lot of results right in the browser. 

+ you avoid multiple downloads, app installs or registrations. 

– selection of choice can be quite limited.

  • Teaching software. 

Such programs are called video trainers or online training. This method is very good for those who want to master the strategy and use it as a way to make big money. 

+ increase abilities and develop opportunities, 

– it will not bring such pleasure as just regular playing.

Paid or free – decision?

By comparing free video poker and real money one, there is a little comparison. As mentioned earlier, this method is very good for beginners and for learning. Real play is a really working way to get a lot of bonuses and convert them into real money.

Benefits of the unpaid versionUnlimited play time
No registrations and account creation
No need to invest money
Disadvantages of the unpaid versionLimited selection
Lack of excitement of winning and motivation
Benefits of paid versionNo winning limits – you can make a lot of real money and spend it
All options and types of games are available
In paid casinos also a bonuses in excess of the winnings and thus withdraw even more money
Disadvantages of paid versionYou are risking own money
Registration and authorization are always needed, and it takes longer

Types of free video poker 

So many versions, and each version finds its fans. We will describe some of the most popular games to give an idea of ​​what to expect.

Jacks or Better

One of the most popular and simplest. Jacks or Better uses classic cards and jokers that substitute for any card to form the strongest possible winning combination. The lowest winning combination is a pair of jacks.

Deuces wild

There are some differences in this version. There is no joker in the deck, instead the deuce takes place – that is, they become wild, hence the name. There are many wild cards that replace anything to form a winning combination, and there are winning combinations of twos, four of which are the second largest combination.

Pick’em Poker

This video poker is very different from the others on this list. Instead of the typical 5 cards at the start, choose just 2 and then get another pair of cards from which must choose one. After this  – keep what you like, the other will “disappear”, then receive two more cards to complete five-card hands. But this type is not considered very difficult.


     To summarize, let’s highlight main points:

  1. To enjoy playing, check attentively all the rules and try to learn them before start.
  2. Check new words and possible phrases, to understand better the vocabulary of the players.
  3. Choose the type of poker that is the best.
  4. Decide,to play for real money or for free.
  5. Enjoy a game and have a lot of luck to win!

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How to know my chances of winning?

Your chances depend. The advantage of Jacks or Better is that it can give the player a 99.5% return on his money when used as a strategy, which is huge compared to other games.

What about welcome bonuses?

The best video poker sites offer all sorts of bonuses for online players who want, including welcome bonuses, which are like free money. Many casinos offer special promotions and discounts for buying credits on certain days.

How can I win?

There is no real secret or way, how to 100% win, but if you keep practicing and make skills higher with every time – it is possible that it is a pretty high chance. 

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