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Keno used to be one of the most famous table family games for ages. You can either play it for fun or gamble online in India. 

This is a number-based game of chance. The outcomes can be either neutral or positive in case some of your numbers match. Though you should rely on your luck and random chance, it is possible to predict at least some of the outcomes.

The origins of this game are in China, but it is equally popular throughout Asia, including India. Since the 1800s, this activity has been available in the US. There are eighty Arabic numerals that take part in the process. In the USA, many states have their own approaches to Keno. This game is far more innocent than many other gambling activities.

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Though Keno is based on the best guess, it is still possible to make some forecasts before putting your money at the stake. What is the probability for a particular number to show up? Here is what blue blocks represent:

  • Your betting sum;
  • The chosen numbers to place a bet;
  • The result (win or lost).

Nowadays, it is possible to play keno online and make it one of the sources of income. You can do that at free brick-and-mortar gaming portals. Before you choose the right casino online, address this review to find more about this gambling activity.

How to Play Keno Online: Basic Principles and Rules

Online keno may remind you of the lottery. Those are both games of chance, and you can only rely on some predictions. However, once you receive tickets, you cannot change them and only rely on luck. Rely on your intuition and some estimations that can increase your chances to win. The more numbers match your tickets, the better and higher your rewards are. Eighty numbers are in the game. Highlight/pick from one to twenty numbers at the start. Then, you can only expect the results to be announced.

Perhaps, you know how the ping-pong ball machine works. Keno games apply a bit of a different principle. Still, it all depends on the random pick and one’s luck.

This slow-paced activity makes it possible to deposit just one pound/dollar to take part. With a single dollar, it’s possible to earn high profits. It sounds great, isn’t it? However, some underwater rocks still exist. For example, the house edge is the maximum compared to other gambling options. That is the only thing that might discourage you, but the winnings are worth trying. A whopping of twenty-five percent may scare you off, but that is just until you try. On a website of the preferred casino, you should just click Bet to invest some money and start playing. Here are some of the outtakes:

  • It is possible to switch to different numbers during the process (but before the results are announced) – push the corresponding button to erase;
  • The highest sum of the number to bet on is ten;
  • You can notice the Random option. Use it to bet on ten numbers in seconds.

Just change your bet quickly if you are hesitating. On the whole, the system of a casino generates the numbers. Let us explain how the system works based on one number (in case you choose just one):

  1. 0/20 balls do not match the number that you were thinking about 0 it is a loss;
  2. If it corresponds to your best guess, you will win your deposit times 3.

Anyway, free version is often available. You can come up with different bets during the process. At some stages, you get a bonus for your winnings. Certain betting limitations exist, and you cannot exceed them. The minimum and maximum amounts are dictated by both software providers and online casino.

Variations of Keno Online and Their Nuances

Various casinos have different types of the game to offer. They might vary by approach, betting amounts, and some other aspects. Have a look at the payout tables and bonus points. You may face such versions of this game as:

Thunder PowerU1 Gaming has developed and introduced this multiple-game pokies.
CircusDive into an ancient lottery-genre activity from China – they enjoy it in India too!
Super-SpotThere are 80 numbers in the pool, so isn’t it twice as challenging?
Golden HitsThis title loved by Indian players offers to pick eight number out of 80.
Redneck KenoIt is one of the most original and popular versions of traditional keno.
Balloon GameWatch out as the amount of balloons popped determines your winning.

They are also different by their designs and themes. All of them are easy to navigate. Most often, online keno is different by the types of bets and whether it is free or not.

  • Straight bets

The user selects specific Arabic numerals. The idea is to try to match as many numbers on the ball as possible. It is the most common type of wager in this game.

  • Odd bets

They are also known as even ones. It is when a user expects that more odd numbers will show up.

  • Top bets

The so-called bottom bets stand for wagering on numerals to be chosen from the forty top numbers.

To increase your chances to win, you may also mix several of these betting approaches. Another way is to combine two or four digits and try your luck.

How to Pick the Most Effective Keno Strategy

There is no connection between how the balls show up in various matches. Every new round can show up with completely different digits. Still, it is the situation when you can come up with some forecasts based on the following:

Depositing money and choosing the digits that show up more frequently based on analysis and statistics (you can check the results of previous rounds in the special table in any online casino);

Learning the results of the reverse event (check out which numbers are missing – they will sooner or later appear in any case).

Both strategies are relatively effective but do not provide a 100% guarantee. Thus, you still should rely on your best guess and luck. It is also possible to try the so-called digit-generating tool that is available on many gambling platforms. You may find out that the coincidences to occur most frequently include 3, 4, and 5 of any digits involved. That is not that difficult to implement. That is what we call the Theory of Probability. It is never too late to study it to make the highest profits from playing a keno casino game online.

Those are not all tips that you can use when playing. If you wish to increase your chances and possible earnings, keep in mind these recommendations as well:

  • Apply for multiple-race cards;
  • Try free version before investing cash;
  • Avoid picking too many digits in your ticket;
  • Select a gambling platform with the maximum bonus simply for registration and no deposit reward;
  • Pay attention to the even numbers;
  • Bet based on the previous results and statistics;
  • Avoid choosing the same digits;
  • Consider the previous rounds before choosing the numerals.

Of course, you should also take care of your funds. Choose an online casino with the safest payment methods and fast payout turnaround time.

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Free Keno vs. Keno for Real Money: What’s the Difference?

If you wish to avoid the risks of having to play keno for the first time, it is enough to try a demo version. You will not have to spend a cent. Many casinos offer this opportunity. It is a good way to test the Theory of Probability and your luck before playing big. It might prevent you from various mistakes in the future, helping to detect your own playing strategy. Here are some of the popular keno games online that you can try for free:

  • DaVinci Diamonds
  • Classic Keno
  • 246 Way 
  • 369 Way 
  • Super Times Pay
  • Ultimate X 
  • Caveman Keno Plus
  • Triple Power 
  • 4 Card 
  • Extra Draw 
  • Super Way
  • Top Bottom
  • Caveman and Multi-Card

In case you select free keno first, push on the corresponding button on the gaming platform. Think about the amount of money that you wish to place on the specific range of digits. The initial sum should fall between the interval 1-5 dollars. It is possible to make a good profit even on the smallest invested amounts.

Then, choose the digits that you wish to test. It is possible to bet on two, ten, twenty, or more numbers, depending on the requirements of the casino and gaming provider. Would you like to make it a single round of the game or try all five? You may switch to real money at any time even between the rounds. The benefits of doing so are obvious:

  • A chance to win cash and raise your capital
  • An unforgettable experience
  • More perks like extra spins on other games
  • New emotions
  • New skills and interactions with real dealers
  • The feel of a land-based casino in India

Once you are sure about your choice, wait for the results to show up. In a real casino, dealers usually announce them in front of the players. In the online version, you will simply see the outcomes popping up one-by-one. You will receive the winnings once the rounds are all over and you claim them. Pay attention to the commission set by the casino or payment operator to realize how much you can claim and will get. The fewer digits you bet on, the higher your bonus and winning are. It makes sense as the complexity grows while the probability to have your numbers matched drops.

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How should you manage your funds online?

Right, by betting a tiny amount of money on a pick of digits, it is possible to become rather wealthy within the shortest period. However, you should manage your money and take care of your privacy. In most cases, the ticket itself will not cost a fortune – everyone can afford keno tickets. That is why you do risk losing a lot unless you decide to bet a lot. 

You’ll have to bet on every game that you decide to take part in. For example, you decide to invest five dollars on four various digits. Out of all available options, you wish to take part in five sessions. In the case of five rounds, the wagering amount will be twenty-five dollars per deal. On the whole, there is nothing to be scared of when playing this game – the chances of winning are still higher than in many other games.

Is it possible to play for free while on the streets?

If you wonder about keno for mobile phones and tablets, we have some good news for you. You can bet and win on-the-go if you wish. Check out the compatibility of the preferred online casino and if the games of your choice are well-optimized to play on such operating systems as iOS and Android. The mobile versions of gambling platforms have a narrow selection of games, but, usually, it is possible to find at least a couple of keno-related games. Most gaming portals offer their own keno applications that you can either download and set up separately or play right from your browser.

Is it possible to cheat in an online casino?

If you play keno, you may ask yourself whether cheating is possible. We will tell you now: that is totally impossible! No user has physical interaction with the hopper or app. The system alone is responsible for generating numbers, and you have no impact on that. Those who try to trick the system will be banned.

What are some of the keno app providers?

WagerWorks is a famous software provider that proposes one of the best bonus systems if a user decides to play max credits. The highest rewards are 96% return. A Canadian developer known as CryptoLogic has been available since 2995. It offers more than two hundred games. It creates apps for dummies basically as experienced players might want to bet and win more. RTG has been active since 1998. Its players should come up with no more than fifteen digits to bet on. Random Logic was founded by students of IT class. The company specializes in lotteries and keno, It allows wagering 1-5 dollars on no more than ten spots. The return percentage achieves as much as almost 93%.

Is any keno casino game fair and honest?

While players are not able to cheat and the smart algorithm determines the results alone, we can say that this activity is honest and legal. Most of the casinos that offer this option possess the necessary licenses and certificates (you’d better double-check that if playing a particular casino for the first time). Each digit on a ball is called by chance only. Do not worry – authorities monitor and regulate the activities of gambling platforms that have keno among their gaming options. On our site, you can find websites that you can trust for sure, as well as brief reviews that will help you to make a choice. 

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