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In regular online casino slots, the player’s victory is based solely on luck. You put the money in the machine, you push the spin button, and you hope Lady Luck will invite you to dance. Nothing can affect the spin of the drums in the arcade. At the same time, many board games require certain skills, and knowledge of the optimal strategy of them, which can affect your win or lose. The vast majority of board games have a much better chance of making a hit than slot machines, especially if you have the right skills. All players in video poker online know that the key to a successful game is knowing the basic strategy.

There is only one major reason why most people do not play board games is the fear factor of unknown rules that occurs during table play with other players. Although most players approach such games wisely, they are nevertheless afraid to present themselves as foolish newcomers to other players, which is why their most convenient option is a solitary game with a machine gun. From this point of view, the slot machine is the most ingenious invention that has freed players from all their fears once and for all. There’s only one rule in a slot machine – turn the drums, and hope you get lucky! In this article, we will look at the unique slot machine, video poker. Although it is also a slot machine, it is quite different from other slots. Here your gain depends not on luck, but your skills!

Best Video Poker Casinos

Casino Bonus Play Review Deposit Methods
1 ₹100,000 Spin Casino review
2 up to $500 +20 free spins Party Casino review
3 $50 Raging Bull Casino review
All casino

How To Play Online Video Poker

The main advantage that video poker online has over all other slot machines is that you can truly control the game, and by making meaningful decisions, reduce the casino advantage in this game to 0.5%.

Most video poker games use combinations of cards that can be drawn from a standard deck of 52 cards. I say «most video poker games», because there are also games like Joker-Poker that use one or two Jokers, plus a deck of 52 cards. There is another very popular version – Deuces Wild – video poker «Wild Two» which uses 52 cards in a deck, and “deuces” (Deuces) is called “wild” cards – and acts analogously to the Joker.

In the video, cards are handed out from a virtual deck. This is done in an arbitrary order to guarantee a fair playing environment that gives players an equal opportunity to find a strategy that gives them an advantage.

In total, there are 2.598.960 game combinations in video poker, which can be composed of a deck of 52 cards. In video poker, poker hand-outs, which indicate your losses and winnings, are determined by the performance of the RNG, the random number generator. However, a random number generator is present in any slot machine. 

In video poker after the collected winning combination, you are offered a «doubling» – you can take the winnings or double it. To this end, a new minigame begins, the bet of which is the previous win. By choosing from 4 closed cards, beat the open card of the dealer, the gain will be doubled, and again the offer will be made to play on «Doubling». The doubling game does not contain the advantages of the casino at all, so the chance to win here is 50-50.

The rules are quite simple, and they are formulated above. Below are some terms that you know will make you feel more comfortable playing. 


5 cards held simultaneously in your hand before or after the hand.

Full hand/ready combination

If all cards in hand form one strong combination – street, flush, full house, car, or street flash.


The basic term in video poker is 2-value cards in a deck.


Replacement of cards issued by the distributor’s hand.


Feature provided in some online video poker games, allowing to double the bet on the winning combination.

Full pay

If you see video poker games offering full pay, they have the best payment schedule. For example, where payments are made for 9/6 J (jackets) and higher, which is better than 8/6. This brings the payback rate closer to 100% or more. 


Up to 10 hands can participate simultaneously.

Useful information about playing video poker

  • SIRCOMA (Si Redd’s Coin Machines), which later became International Game Technology, was named after the first video poker online machine.
  • Favorite thing about online gaming is that they are the only ones and the computer, so they are more comfortable and pleasant to play.
  • Video poker lowers the limits of the game and can restore the advantage of the players.
  • Casino video poker is characterized by many ups and downs, the return is usually good, and looking at the interest check report made by eCOGRA auditors and others, you can see the high earnings from playing video poker in the late 1990s.
  • If you are new to the video poker game, first look at the standard card combinations in poker if you have not already done so, as well as the payout table for each of the video poker games you are going to play.
  • To have a good knowledge of the terms of payment, it is necessary to know also the developer of the software for the casino, as well as to track changes in the payments made. Often in the same video poker games, the order of payment varies from casino to casino. 
  • All video poker machines offer 1 to 5 coins, and some allow over 100 hands to play simultaneously. After deciding on the coin bet (from $ 0.01 to $ 5, depending on the VIP game) it is necessary to select the number of coins and hands with which you will play, and then press the button «to surrender cards».
  • Select which cards you want to hold by clicking on them. 
  • As a rule, it is better not to risk the win in the bonus round, but to cash it. 
  • It is recommended to set the maximum number of coins, as almost always in video poker a bonus is awarded for playing with the maximum number of coins.

The Most Popular Types of Video Poker Games

Deuces Wild: Each of the cards with a value of 2 is a wild card. This is an opportunity to create a winning combination with these cards.        

Two Ways Royal: Conventionally, these are two hands known as the standard flash piano (10, Q, A, K, J) and the «low flash piano» (6, 5, 4, 3, 2) in any group of cards.  

Poker Joker: In this case, you can request an additional round of cards to get the highest winning combination resources can afford. Winning combinations are traditional in video poker.

Jacks or Better: Wins are the most generous. Here is the best payout percentage, which usually exceeds 99%. You should get the winning card combination, but you’ll also get the winnings if you manage to collect a pair of jacks.        

Today, there are many resources or books on the Internet that teach video poker. They are usually written by professional players using the appropriate terminology. You’re going to be confronted with these concepts all the time at the tables. It is, therefore, best to read all definitions carefully and try to remember them.

Many of these can be studied during the game:

  • If the player has already made a bet in front of you, you can make a call (enter the amount) or Fold (reset the cards).
  • A player can place a bet (make a «bet» or say «check», and you agree to open a free card.
  • The player makes a move «I raise» when he thinks his cards are better than his opponents.
  • Knowing the minimum of these concepts, you can count on easy play and frequent winnings in the distribution.

Top Casinos for Video Poker

Online casinoWelcome BonusPaymentVisit the site
Old Havana casino$ 3.00099,55%
Slots of Vegas$ 5.00098,22%
Irish Luck$ 3.00098,10%
Cafe CASINO$ 5.500 99,21%
BoVegas$ 6.00098,21%

Online Video Poker Strategy 

Indian video poker online is a game of sleight of hand, and different strategies or simple tips can be critical to long-term success. Players must realize that, unlike slot machines, which work for luck, in video poker they can use the payback of each machine in combination with their knowledge or skills. Some of the most important tips each player should know:

Set a maximum limit of X5 or X10 chips to have the best coefficients, as well as the maximum sum from the best hand. Select the game that matches the chapter used to reduce the cost of betting.

Open all winning card combinations in a new browser window or print them on a piece of paper to make them easier to recognize. After a while, you’ll remember them, and you won’t have to.

Before playing for real money, work out the strategies you want to apply to improve them.

Don’t change cars all the time, all the same, with the same chances of success.

Manage your capital properly. Before starting the game, plan what bets you will make and do not deviate from the excitement in case of profit or worry in case of loss.

In the video poker strategy area, players must pay close attention to the first cards they open in order to determine the best possible combinations. There are players who seek high returns, and players who seek less, but more likely.

Players who prefer high payouts hold cards that can be surrendered, such as Royal Flush, Straight, 4, Full House, or Flush. They are less likely to succeed, but they will be won by another successful combination of 50 lots. On the contrary, players who choose their hands as pairs will have a better chance of succeeding, but they will slowly and steadily increase their winnings.

What is the secret of indian video poker winning strategy?

  • Don’t bid higher than you can afford;
  • If in the first round you understand that it is possible to make several combinations, then give preference to the more expensive one;
  • And finally, after a big win, do not be afraid to place the maximum bet, because this is the only way you will have a chance to hit the jackpot.

Best Online Casinos for Win

1 Bonus: ₹80,000
Games: 1180+
PaySafe Card
2 Bonus: ₹25,000
Games: 650+
3 Bonus: $300
Games: 310+


Why is it worth playing video poker?

Slot machines of video poker offer high-quality, entertaining, and productive leisure. Poker is appropriately equated with a sport: it is a game where the skills of the participant play a significant role and the skill which can be honed to a professional level. In particular, it is possible to succeed in this field if playing slot machines poker for free or money in online casinos.

Can I save money playing indian video poker and learn at the same time?

It is a strategic game, it is recommended to practice free of charge before playing for money. This is impossible in traditional casinos, but online casinos allow you to play for free as much as you want so you can get the best gaming experience without spending your money.

What are the basic terms needed to win?

Some of the most common terms in online indian poker are:

  • Purchase is a contribution that allows you to participate in the game.
  • Blind is a blind bet until you get the cards.
  • Bankroll is the player’s money.
  • Satellite is a competition in which a ticket to a more famous tournament is played.
  • Freeroll – a tournament with free entrance, but with real cash prizes.
  • Cashout – withdrawal of money from the poker room account.
Can I participate in online poker tournaments?

Of course. Many tournaments can be played online every day. Many of them do not need too much money to participate, which facilitates the participation of even beginners.

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