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Founded in 1988, Parlay has a long history of providing players worldwide with the best software — India included — with slots and bingo games. High-quality games are popular. It started just as a platform for bingo games; today, it offers so much more, including table games, blackjack, and everything else out the market — bingos are a very prominent part of Parlay.

The software was founded in Canada, and the fact that the company is almost thirty years old already makes it trustworthy because it has been so long on the market, thriving to be one of the best gaming software.

The platform is licensed and will provide you needed protection, and you can be sure software will look after the data and help connect with the operator if you need it. The platform is provided by software that is easy to use with any device.

Best Parlay Casinos

Casino Bonus Play Review Deposit Methods
1 $1200 Royal Vegas Casino review
PaySafe Card
2 $100 + 10 FS Skycity Casino review
PaySafe Card
American Express
3 ₹100,000 Spin Casino review
All casino

Types Of Parlay Casino Games

You will be able to find many games, but it is interesting to point out separate types of them. There are three main categories produces by Parlay, casino games offer:

ClassicsIf you are one of the conservative types, then classic slots games and bingos provided on the platform are for you. That you love, classics from the past, very facile to use and to play.
Bonus gamesMany online slots machines that you will find interesting — prizes, coins, cash prizes, and free re-spins, all of that you can find in numerous bonus games.
Progressive jackpotWe want you to win as much as you can and try out your luck. Double your real money wins by playing progressive jackpot and growing your income.

There are even more classifications of games you can find, but these are the main categories you should be looking at while finding what to play — it can be for fun or to gain additional money, you will find what suits you.

Online Parlays Slots Free

Free slots are very popular by beginners or players who don’t look for any monetary profit while playing. Gaming software is about the feeling of luck, and free slots are made for such people. The most popular free slots games are the ones that give fun bonus rounds or big brands. Also, people like to test out free Parlays slots on new websites before they can deposit any money. Here is the list of Parlay’s best free slots:

  • Eastern promises;
  • Fairground Frenzy;
  • Fruit loot;
  • Hollywood Reels;
  • Gorgeous George;
  • Living Large;
  • Double Scoop Delight;
  • Club spin.

At one time you are done playing free slots, you can. Go to the real money slots after completing a deposition. The likelihood of winning is the same as in regular slots, only you can not play progressive jackpots in free games, as there is no such option. Make Parlay gaming exciting.

Real Money In Parlay Casino Slots

There are lots of possibilities with Parlay, online casino offers to win real money, so there are certain categories to it as well, and we want to present them to you

3-reel and 5-reel classic slots — the oldest and popular casino game invented back in the 19th century, terrifically popular to this day — games as Mega Joker, Neon Fruit, Couch Potato count as the best ones today.

Video slots — much more serious than a usual 3-reel slot, improved visuals, and a better and more comfortable way of playing your usual games, full of money bonuses and additional prizes.

Payline slots — a different approach to usual Parlays slots, a more creative and exciting way of making lines to win a big prize — or even a jackpot. With pay line slots, it became easier to do.

These are a few of the most popular games played for money, which people choose every day to try out their luck and see if they can win.

Parlay offers you the next top money games on their collection of sections.

  • Diamond Surprise.
  • Trolling for Treasure.
  • Serpent’s Riches.
  • Pirate’s Treasure.
  • Get Cracking.

It is important to mention you should not always make your own opinion based on ratings that people have made — games are a very subjective thing, so you better try out everything yourself before making assumptions. We also recommend trying out these games by Parlay developers.

Mobile Users Included

Mobile users often feel discredited when it comes to gambling games on behalf for a long time, and there was no such opportunity to play through your phone, even though it was very convenient for the players. People had to stare at their huge desktops and play on any occasion their computer was around. Times thankfully have changed.

Parlay online casino gaming software is one of the best platforms for mobile users to play casinos on their phone — they made a special project on working on mobile versions of their games, and they succeeded — now software offers you a great mobile gaming variety in HTML5, so it’s relevant for smartphones and tablets.

How Parlay Works

The question you might be asking when playing Parlay, online casinos allows you to deposit and withdraw facility within the platform as everyone cares about their money (that they give and get back). Deposition rules are not different from other gambling websites that you might have visited. Banking is easy and accessible for everyone — you can receive payouts online, using Visa or Mastercard, but you can also connect it to Neteller or Skrill — this way, your payments will be made in a faster time and in an easier way.
You are provided with customer service and have constant contact with them. If you have a question or uncertainty, don’t be afraid to seek help.
A Parlay is a software used in many countries by many people, which screams trust and security. Indian players can be sure that they will be safe playing Parlay and having a very good time with lots of classic new games.

Best Online Casinos for Win

1 Bonus: ₹80,000
Games: 1180+
PaySafe Card
2 Bonus: ₹25,000
Games: 650+
3 Bonus: $300
Games: 310+


What currency can I use?

You can pay in Rupees, and that is made for the convenience of the specific area.

Is it safe to play Parlay games?

Parlay’s developers are GLI — Gaming Labs International, a well-known name in the gambling industry known for their secure games. Parlay also cooperated with Neteller and Skrill, so you won’t have to worry about your money even if you don’t trust usual withdrawal systems. You can be 100% sure of your securement.

How do I get in touch with Parlay casino games?

There is a way for you to reach out to developers and managers in any case you need, you may try to call a number to call +1-289-430-5604, or tulle a letter if your concern has more of an official demand, to have all the talk written for both sides — you can contact Parlay with [email protected]. There is great customer service available to be in touch with our customers and have an eye on the situations that happen on the website. The website may often not be working due to some software repairs, and many people try to contact customer service at once. For these purposes, they are online, and you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong — managers will try to work it out as soon as they can.

How long does a payout take?

Various payment types take different timings. For example, it is a day for electronic wallets and up to 5 days for credit cards, and up to a week for bank transfer.

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